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Shipping times

Orders are shipped same-day or next-day depending on when you order.

Shipping time depends on your location, how remote the area is, etc.

US orders usually arrive within 1-4 days.

Everywhere outside of the US will receive orders within 2-5 days.

All products are shipped from a US-based fulfilment center.

Please be aware that there may be delays in the delivery due to customs-clearing processes.

Customs / import charges

Custom or Import Charges are charged once an item has arrived in its destination country.

All products are shipped from a US-based fulfilment center, meaning US orders will not be subject to an import fee.

Fortunately, most orders do not incur a customs or import charge, rarely a larger order may incur one if it's shipped outside of the US.

However, we have no control over what these charges are, as they vary from country to country.

We are unable to cover the cost of any accrued customs and import charges.

Countries we deliver to

The countries we deliver to are subject to change.

Currently, we deliver to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico, Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam

If you cannot order from a country listed above, we may have disabled shipping ordering/shipping to/from at that time.

Tracking your order

You will receive a tracking number after your order has been fulfilled.

If for some reason you cannot track your order, simply contact us.


Cancelling an order

If you decide you would like to cancel your order for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible.

However, please be aware that once your order has been placed, there is only a small window of opportunity for us to cancel the order and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cancel your order before it is shipped.

Delivery and billing addresses

You can send your order to a delivery address that is different to your billing address.

Please ensure that the delivery address is correct, we cannot refund an order sent to the wrong address.

Discount codes

If you are having trouble applying a discount code check out our guide below.

Have you entered the code correctly? Our discount codes can be case sensitive so we would recommend copying and pasting the code into the discount box at checkout to avoid any issues. 

Is the code still valid? If the code isn't working after being copied and pasted it's likely the discount code is invalid and is no longer active.

Is my discount code valid for all items? This depends on the specific discount code, some may be work for all items or be specific to certain products.

Can a discount code be combined with others? Typically a discount code can't be combined with other discount codes. However, it may be combined with active product price cuts, shipping offers, or bundles.

Receiving incorrect items

If you have received an incorrect item please contact us.

Please provide your order number, state the incorrect item and the item we should have sent you and we will look into this for you as a matter of urgency and will do all that we can to rectify the issue for you.

It's likely that you will be requested to provide a photo of the incorrect product.

Please be aware that all issues will need to be reported to us within 48 working hours of your order being received and failure to comply with our request for photo confirmation may result in us being unable to consider your claim.

Please do not open the incorrect product as this may be deemed as acceptance of the order.

Missing items

We will always try our best to send your order complete.

However, sometimes an item you have ordered is out of stock when the order reaches our warehouse. If this happens, we will let you know.

If your order is large, we may need to send it in two boxes. These boxes may be strapped securely together as one consignment, but on occasion, especially on long international deliveries, they could become separated.

If this happens you may not be aware that you should have received two boxes as your documents will show one consignment.

If you think you have received an order and something is missing, please get in touch us.

Receiving damaged items

If you have received a damaged item, we would ask you not to refuse delivery, but to accept it and contact us immediately. 

We try extremely hard to prevent any damage to your goods during transit, and all of our products are thoroughly inspected before they are packed and shipped.

So that we can resolve the issue as swiftly as possible we ask that you contact us with the following information:

  • Your order number
  • Which product is damaged
  • The type of damage
  • Did the package arrive intact and fully sealed

We may require photographic evidence of the damage. This will need to be received within 48 hours of your delivery.

If you receive a damaged tub/pouch, but the seal is still intact please do not open it as this will be deemed as acceptance of the order.

Once we have received the photo(s), if requested, we will attempt to resolve the situation swiftly.

We are unable to refund, credit or exchange any damaged items until proof of damage has been verified.

Where's my email confirmation?

You should receive an email confirmation within a couple of hours of placing your order.

This will be sent to the email provided at the time of ordering, or the email address used to register your account.

If you don't receive an email confirmation, there are a couple of things we would ask that you check before contacting us: 

  • Your confirmation email may have been filtered into your junk or spam folder, so please check to make sure this hasn't happened.
  • If you have an account, you can log into your account and check your order history.

If you have been charged for an order but haven't received a confirmation email, please contact us.

Has my order been dispatched?

When your order has been dispatched you will receive a dispatch confirmation email which will include your tracking number.

Orders may be dispatched same-day, next-day, or sometimes within 3 days or ordering.

If you have an account with us, you will be able to see that status of your order is dispatched.

If you haven't received the dispatch confirmation, please check your junk and spam folders.

Please contact us if you're still unsure.

Has my order been successful?

If you have an account with us you will be able to view all orders in your account history.

If your order has been successful you will be able to see that the status of your order.

You should also have received an email order confirmation from us which will include your unique order number, usually within 30 minutes of placing your order.

If you do not have an account you will be sent the same order confirmation email.

Please ensure that this email has not been blocked by a spam filter.

If you have not received this email or have chosen not to provide an email address, please feel free to contact us.

Refunds & Returns

Refund policy

We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're unhappy with your order or items we will refund you.*

*This does not apply for results-based refund requests. For example; you feel that the product didn't provide the same benefits research has shown, we won't refund for this.

*If you have opened and part-consumed your product then we are not able to offer a refund.

*Please ensure that the delivery address is correct, we cannot refund an order sent to the wrong address.

Returning an item

We don't accept returns of items due to the nature of the product. If you wish to request a refund instead, simply can contact us.

Where's my refund?

Please allow up to 10 days for the payment to be received into your account.

A refund is also dependant on the length of time it takes your bank to process the payment.

Please note that all refunds will go back to the original payment method used.